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From the Commissioner
A note about the Real Estate Database.   This information is supplied as a convenience to the citizens of Bedford County.  The information is a live link to the data in our database, so it should be as up to date as possible. However, the data presented here is not an "official" record; if you need an "official" record you should contact the Bedford County Real Estate Office at 540-586-7626.

Commissioner of the Revenue:  

Mrs. Julie Creasy 586-7621


Search By Location Address

We have been entering situs addresses to our database to improve the reliablilty of this search method. Parcels that have not had any transaction activity for a while may not show up with this option. For best results, do not enter the road type:
100 Any Where NOT 100 Any Where Lane

Enter the street address
ie. '123 ANYWHERE RD'

Search by Owner's Mailing Address

If searching by the site address doesn't work, the owner's address and the site address are often the same, and looking in the mailing address may return results. Please be aware that the owner may not reside at the parcel you are looking for.

Enter the street address
ie. '123 ANYWHERE RD'



Search by Individual Owner's Name (doesn't return business owners)


Enter the last name (Results now sorted by first name)


Search by Owner's or Business Name (returns business owners, unsorted)


Enter the last name (Results now sorted by first name)
Search by Map Page

In response to our users' requests, we have added the ability to search the database by RPC Number and by Tax Map Number.

To search by Tax Map Number, enter the Map Page Number in the first block. The Map Page Number is the first group of one to three numbers. If a letter and/or number follows the Tax Map Number with no space between them, you can also enter that letter and/or number in the Insert block

For instance, if the Tax Map Number is 17 A2 1, the Map Page Number is 17 with no Insert Number. If the Tax Map Number is 17A2 23 15, the Map Page Number is 17 and the Insert Number is A2. If you aren't sure about the Insert Number, just leave it blank. You will then see all the records with that Map Page Number, including any records with inserts.

Enter the Map Page Number
Search by RPC Number
Enter the RPC Number
(must be the exact number.)

Note: If the result page is blank, or you see an error message on the page, that means no record was found with that RPC Number. Please ensure that you have the correct number and that you entered the number correctly.