Bedford County is working towards educating the residents about the importance of recycling in our community. The Solid Waste Department will conduct facility tours, will do presentations and provide information pertaining to recycling for schools, groups, etc. Please contact Vicki Esposito at 540-586-7656 if interested and help spread the word about the importance of recycling. Bedford County currently offers recycling at 13 of our collection centers and hopes to add recycling services to other collection centers in the near future.

Materials Recycling Facility

Bedford County finished the construction of the Materail Recyling Facility at the County Landfill in May 2006. All recyclables collected from the 13 recycling centers are brought to the MRF where they are sorted, baled and marketed to various buyers. In 2008, Bedford collected and recycled 4,200,000 pounds of cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, glass, plastic and metal cans from residents, schools and numerous businesses.

Recycling Guidelines

Newspapers and inserts: Please keep all newspapers and inserts clean and dry, do not tie. Not accepted: other paper material or cardboard, plastic bags, wire, string, or rope.

Glass Containers: Clear, green and brown glass jars or bottles are accepted. Please empty and rinse. It is not necessary to remove the labels. Please sort by color and deposit into the appropriate bin.

Aluminum and bimetal cans: Please remove all contents and rinse. Not accepted: Other steel items, paint cans or aerosol cans.

Plastics, PETE #1 and HDPE #2: Clear and green PETE #1 soft drink containers. Opaque HDPE #2 water and milk jugs and colored #2 laundry detergent bottles. Please rinse and remove lids before depositing into recycling bin. Not accepted: Plastics that are not #1 or #2 or other containers than those described.

Mixed paper: Envelopes, food boxes, magazines, office paper, etc. are accepted. Not accepted: newspaper and inserts, wax coated boxes, paper contaminated with food.

Cardboard: Clean, corrugated cardboard is accepted in the recycling bins. Not accepted: cardboard with food, oil, or other contaminants on it.

Clothing and shoes: All types of used women’s and men’s clothing and shoes are accepted. Blankets and curtains are also accepted. These items must be bagged. Please do not deposit any curtain rods or hooks, toys or pillows. No tax receipts are issued.

The above items are accepted at the following convenience centers:

  • Forest 16169 Forest Road Forest
  • Otterville 1718 Jopling Road Bedford
  • Moneta 12341 Moneta Road Moneta
  • Boonsboro 100 Tamar Lane Lynchburg
  • Montvale 1075 Beale Trail Road Montvale
  • Chamblissburg 1048 Morgans Mill Rd. Goodview
  • Falling Creek 1974 Falling Creek Road Bedford
  • Goode 1242 Pilgrim Road, Goode
  • Big Island 1080 Old School Road Big Island
  • Landfill Collection Center 1060 Recycle Rd. Bedford
  • Whitehouse 2967 Fairview Church Road, Huddleston (No clothes bin)
  • Blackwater 2477 Blackwater Road
  • Stone Mountain 1832 Radford Church Road, Moneta


Battery Recycling

Bedford County has started collecting used cell phones, used alkaline and used rechargeable batteries at all staffed and gated collection centers. All alkaline batteries will be disposed of through our Household Hazardous Waste program. The rechargeable batteries will be sent out for recycling to a company called RBRC that will recover the metals (nickel, iron, cadmium, lead and cobalt) and prepare them for use in new products such as batteries and stainless steel. Cell phones are refurbished, recycled or resold when possible.

Items accepted for Cell Phone and rechargeable battery collection: all types of old cell phones, Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh), Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Small Sealed Lead (Pb) batteries. (Small Sealed Lead (Pb) batteries cannot weigh more than 2lbs). These are batteries normally found in cordless power tools, cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, digital cameras, camcorders and remote control toys. The RBRC seal is found on many of these batteries for easy identification.

Electronics Recycling

Bedford County is now recycling electronics. Residents can bring electronics to the Bedford County Landfill during regular operating hours for recycling at no charge. Items that can be recycled include TVs, computers, monitors, laptops, copiers, fax machines, printers, VCRs, DVD players, microwaves, etc. Items are reused when possible and all other items are demanufactured at the contractor's facility and the commodities sold to end users. Hazardous materials are disposed of through a hazardous waste vendor. We are happy to be able to offer a recycling program for electronics that helps keep these items out of the landfill.