Landfill Hours, Services and Fees

The Bedford County Landfill and main office is located off of VA Route 43 South on Recycle Road, seven miles south of the City of Bedford and three miles north of VA Route 24.

Landfill hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - 7:30 a.m.– 3:30 p.m.
Wednesday – 7:30-1:00
Sunday – Closed
Closed on New Years Day, July 4th,
Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Office hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30.


The Bedford County Landfill operates a transfer building for convenient drop-off of solid waste for residential and commercial customers.

Yard debris, leaves, stumps (please call for rates on disposal of stumps), etc. are collected in our wood waste area.

Recycling of mixed paper and cardboard are accepted at our new Materials Recovery Facility.

Household hazardous waste disposal.

Tipping Fees

Commercial and Industrial customers pay a fee of $41.00 per ton.

Residential customers can dispose of debris at no cost up to 1,000 pounds of waste per month and eight passenger size tires per year. Residential customers are charged at a rate of $2.85 per 100 pounds over the 1,000 pounds of waste per month and a $2 surcharge per passenger size tire over the free limit of eight tires a year. Oversize tires will be charged at a rate of $120.00 per ton.
Cash and checks are accepted for payment

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Materials are accepted from residents during all normal operating hours at the Bedford County Landfill (Route 43). The items accepted include: automotive fluids, cleaners, oil-based paints, and pesticides. Since the materials go into storage until the next advertised event, we cannot return containers. Hazardous waste contractors are on site during advertised events and can return containers.

Please watch for the advertised dates in the local newspapers.

Remember: We cannot accept any explosives, radioactive materials, business or medical waste, farm waste, waste from individuals not residing in Bedford County or 55-gallon drums.

Also, latex based paint is not hazardous and therefore can be dried out with sand or kitty litter and discarded with your regular garbage.

Construction Debris

Construction waste as defined by Virginia’s Solid Waste Management Regulations means solid waste which is produced or generated during construction, remodeling or repair of pavements, houses, commercial buildings and other structures. Construction wastes include, but are not limited to lumber, wire, sheet-rock, shingles, glass, pipes, carpet and some metal and plastics. Charges for disposal are as described in the tipping fees.

Under the Virginia Solid Waste Management Regulations only rock, brick, block, dirt, broken concrete and road pavement may be buried provided that no open dump, hazard or public nuisance is created. (These materials may also be brought to the County Landfill at no charge).

No other construction debris can be buried.

Construction waste has to come to the Bedford County Landfill. It is not allowed to be disposed of in our collection system (County Ordinance, Section 16-14). Under the Virginia Waste Management Act and the Virginia Solid Waste Management Regulations construction and demolition waste cannot be burned. State law requires that all solid waste be disposed of at a permitted waste management facility, such as the Bedford County Landfill.


Land Clearing Debris

Land clearing debris from residents and businesses may be brought to the Bedford County Landfill on Route 43 during normal operating hours.

Stumps have to be brought to the County landfill and those measuring > 24” in diameter are charged $57 per ton for residents and businesses. (There is no 1000 lbs. free for residents disposing of stumps measuring > 24” in diameter.)

Remember, no person may operate a facility for the disposal, storage or treatment of solid waste without a permit from the DEQ. No person may allow solid waste to be disposed of or otherwise managed on his property without a permit from the DEQ. Any person who manages a solid waste facility or manages solid waste on his property without a permit from the DEQ must immediately cease treatment, storage or disposal and must initiate removal, cleanup or corrective actions.