Waste Collection and Recycling Centers

Solid Waste collection

Residential waste is collected through a network of waste drop-off sites and full – service collection centers. Residents may deposit normal household waste at 25 collection sites located at convenient locations throughout the County. Businesses and out-of-county residents are not allowed to use these collection centers.

Bedford County Collection Sites that are open 24 hours a day for depositing bagged household waste only:

Otter River 18668 Wyatts Way, Evington
Thaxton 1010 Little Apple Drive, Thaxton
Shady Grove 2544 Jordantown Road, Blue Ridge
Bunker Hill 1833 Bunker Hill Loop, Bedford
Whtehouse 2967 Fairview Church Road, Huddleston
Hardy 202 Bandy Mill Road Hardy
Huddleston 1098 Whistlestop Way, Huddleston
Stewartsville 2751 Drewrys Hill Road, Vinton
Body Camp 2673 Wilson Church Road, Bedford
Coleman Falls 5514 Lee Jackson Hwy, Coleman Falls
Glenwood 2602 Glenwood Drive, Bedford
Northside 5316 Peaks Road, Bedford
Leesville Lake 5573 Chellis Ford Road, Lynch Station

Seven of the County collection centers are full service and allow disposal of bagged household waste, furniture and appliances(TV’s, washers and dryers, refrigerators, water heaters, household furniture) and recycling. All of these sites are open daily 7AM-7PM with attendants on duty to help residents with any questions that they may have.

Spring Yard Waste Collection is from April 15 – May 15 and Fall Yard Waste Collection is from October 15 – November 15. (Limbs, branches, leaves, grass clippings are examples of items that are accepted).

These sites are as follows:

Blackwater 2477 Blackwater Road, Forest
Forest 16169 Forest Road Forest
Otterville 1718 Jopling Road Bedford
Moneta 12341 Moneta Road Moneta
Boonsboro 100 Tamer Lane Lynchburg
Montvale 1075 Beale Trail Road Montvale
Chamblissburg 1048 Morgans Mill Rd. Goodview

Three sites are open daily from 7AM – 7 PM and allows for disposal of bagged household waste and recycling:

Goode 1242 Pilgrim Road, Goode
Falling Creek 1974 Falling Creek Road, Bedford
Stone Mountain 1832 Radford Church Road, Moneta

Two sites are open 24 hours and allow for disposal of bagged household waste and recycling.

Big Island 1080 Old School, Road Big Island
Landfill Collection Center 1060 Recycle Rd., Bedford

Prohibited Deposits at Collection Sites*
(These items are accepted at the Landfill only)

• Dead animals
• Building, construction and remodeling materials
• Furniture and appliances except at the Forest, Blackwater, Otterville, Big Island, Moneta, Boonsboro, Montvale and Chamblissburg sites
• Brush, limbs and branches that are not able to be bagged
• Stumps
• Tires and automobile parts
• Fencing materials
• Solid waste generated from a commercial, manufacturing or business enterprise must be taken to the landfill.
• Ashes and coals from any form of burning
• Gas tanks or cylinders
• Poisonous, infectious or hazardous waste
• 55-gallon drums

No Bedford County waste facility accepts explosives



Bedford County is striving to provide services that will benefit the residents of the County. There are still individuals that abuse the refuse collection system by scavenging, depositing prohibited materials into the collection system, throwing away out of county trash into our collection system and littering our roadways. Bedford County employs a Code Enforcement Officer, who enforces all solid waste regulations. Violators may be prosecuted in the court system. Please contact the Department of Solid Waste at 540-586-7656 if you witness any violations.