April 2003

A Message from Sheriff Mike Brown

Operation Blue Ridge Thunder works under the auspices of the Bedford County Virginia Sheriff's Office and is comprised of a cooperative group of law enforcement agencies on the international, federal, regional, state and local levels. The Mission of Operation Blue Ridge Thunder is to safeguard our children from Internet crime by "weaving a seamless web of protection" around them, across the nation and around the globe. A child's innocence can never be replaced.

As a result, Operation Blue Ridge Thunder is proactive and is diligently working to apprehend perpetrators, protect potential victims, and educate parents, teachers and children about Internet safety.

As long as the Internet exists, Operation Blue Ridge Thunder will be patrolling cyberspace toward that end.



National threat level at yellow alert: The Department of Homeland Security has reduced the terrorism threat level to yellow, indicating a significant possibility of terror activity. Report any suspicious activity to BCSO or to Crime Stoppers at (540) 586-4800. A reward of up to $15,000 is offered for information leading to an arrest.


Contact us:

Do you have information concerning Blue Ridge Thunder? Contact the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.
(540) 586-4800 Or blueridgethunder@co.bedford.va.us